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One of our major Clients is Tan Chong Motors and its associated companies who are the  franchise holder of Nissan and Renault vehicles. In 1976 Tan Chong Motors Sdn. Bhd.  began their passenger car assembly plant project in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.  Throughout the years the plant has expanded to include the assembly of other type of  vehicles. 

In 2006, we were appointed again as consultants for their new car assembly plant  inclusive of Pre Delivery Inspection Centre (PDI) and Vehicle Delivery Centre (VDC)  and Test Track for assembly of Nissan Cars in Serendah, Selangor amounting to  approximately RM150 million. To this date, we have been actively involved in the  expanision of their assembly plants and associated automotive parts and 4S centres. 

The planning and design of the various facilities took into account the assembly processes  involving body assembly plant, trim and chassis plant, warehouses & stores, painting  shops, effluent treatment plants, storage yards and special facilities for custom inspections  for bonded areas. For a project of this magnitude, we were able to oversee local and  foreign contractors that were engaged to carry out the construction of the said facilities. 

We are also involved in the passenger car assembly plants for Tan Chong Motors Sdn. Bhd. in Vietnam and Myanmar. As a spin-off from this automotive assembly plant, the company is actively involved in the automotive component industry for the Tan Chong and APM Group in Pandamaran, Bukit Berunting and Seri Kembangan in Selangor.

Another major client in this industry, that ought to be mentioned is TRW Automotive  (formerly Lucas Varity). It is one of the world largest automotive supplier of car automotive parts such as braking system, electronic systems, occupant safety systems. Besides helping them to set up plants in Malaysia, we have done consultancy work for them in China.