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Semiconductor, Electronics and Electrical Appliance

The planning and design of the above categories require special emphasis on layouts of buildings pertaining to the manufacturing flow processes, the working/assembly environment related to “clean rooms”, test and assembly facilities for semiconductors and wafer fab plants, equipment layout and design for air conditioning, staff amenities for thousands of workers and special waste treatment facilities. 

In this connection, the company was appointed as principal consultant to well-known and established firms like Motorola (Freescale / Nexperia), Western Digital, Shin-Etsu Handotai (SEH), National Semiconductor (Texas Instruments), ON Semiconductor, Philips (NXP) Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and Agilent Technologies (M). 

Freescale now known as (Nexperia) is well known world wide as a leading manufacturer of microchips and electronic components. SEH is one of the largest companies in the world specialising in silicon wafer slicing and polishing techniques. Western Digital is one of the largest computer hard drive manufacturer in the world.

Our company’s involvement with these projects right from the conceptual stage through site implementation involving construction and to their satisfactory completion has enabled us to acquire invaluable experience in interacting with local builders to meet all the stringent requirements.

We have also undertaken consultancy work overseas with the following clients such as Motorola in China (LeShan) and Philippines (Carmona) and National Semiconductor in China (Su-Zhou).

It is noteworthy that we are still retained as their Consultants to date and we are presently still involved in the expansion programmes of Motorola (Freescale), Western Digital, SEH, ON Semiconductor, National Semiconductor and Philips (NXP) Semiconductor.

Amongst many of our notable Clients for electrical appliance is Panasonic which is Japan’s largest electronics company and one of the largest electronic product manufacturer in the world. Our association with Panasonic Group dates back from 1973 and to date, we have been directly involved as principal consultant to their TV factories, home appliances, electronic devices, electrical components, air conditioners and compressor motors.

Our most challenging project completed for Panasonic was the design and implementation of the construction of their factory for air conditioners, compressors and motors at Shah Alam, Selangor in 1987. This particular factory complex is a million square feet in built up areas. The need for a fast track design-and-build necessitated the use of specially designed pre-stressed beams and pre-fabrication type wall surrounds etc, and a local contractor completed the project within a record seven (7) months. Special emphasis was laid on design and construction to meet the requirement of the Client to install equipment as the construction of the project progressed.

Our other established clients for electrical appliances are Daikin / OYL Manufacturing Co Sdn. Bhd., Samsung, Hitachi and Sharp.