Bio-Refinery Plants

Bio-Refinery Plants

Bio-fuel is fast gaining global importance to achieve sustainable environment and reduce the adverse effects arising from the use of traditional fossil fuel. With our extensive experience in palm oil refineries, we are well equipped to be actively involved in the planning, design and implementation of palm and edible oil based bio-refineries.

We are proud to be involved in the first commercial Bio-Refinery Plant in Malaysia at Pasir Gudang, Johor for Carotino in Aug 2006. Other subsequent bio-refineries that we completed were for Wilmar, Achi Jaya, Zoop, Vance Energy, Global Bio-diesel Sdn Bhd,Nexsol Biodiesel and Mission Biotech.

Biomass plants is another related field where the company is actively involved to assist Clients to utilise renewable fuel to replace fossil fuel. With the upsurge in oil prices and the introduction of “carbon credits” by relevant world governing body, biomass as fuel is becoming viable.

One of our major clients that readily adopt biomass as part of the Bio-Refinery complex is the Wilmar Group. We were fully involved in their biomass plants in Malaysia,Vietnam and Africa. We have also completed biomass projects for our other clients viz: CP Group in Indonesia and Achi Jaya in Malaysia.